How long has White Satin Bridal been in business?

White Satin Bridal began back in 2010 in Bells Corners. In 2017, we moved to our current location - Our lovely stone house.

What is the price range for your wedding gowns?

We have a wide range of prices! Our sample sale / off the rack gowns start as low as $500. Our gowns that are made to order begin around $1,500 and go up to $8,000.

What is the price range for your bridesmaids gowns?

Our designer bridesmaids gowns are priced between $350 and $500.

Would you alter a gown I bought somewhere else?

Yes! Although we prioritize our own brides, we can most definitely alter your gown!

Does the dress price include alterations?

No, the price of the gown does not include alterations. We recommend budgeting an additional $500 for all your alteration needs.

I plan on losing weight, what size should I get?

We recommend ordering the size you are currently just to be safe. Just remember, we can always take the gown in but it is very difficult and sometime not even possible, to let it out.

How far in advance do people usually order their gowns?

It is typical for a bride to order her gown anywhere form 10-12 months prior to her wedding date. Our gowns require approximately 6-8 months to order, and it is important to leave 1.5 - 2 months for alterations. You are the centerpiece of the wedding and everything else will fall into place once you find your gown that is why we always recommend the sooner the better.